About Us

Established in 2006, with the experience of last decade we are not merely transforming land in to blocks and bricks. We believe in realization of your dream at the end of our construction. And more importantly we believe that the beauty of design and the power of design will help make your dream home come to a reality. The expertise and experience we offer is based on the industry’s standards, all for a reasonably packaged price. As your trusted construction service provider we are guarantee an excellent workmanship from starting and until the turnover of the project. May it be building of new home of reconstruction; we are dependable professionals who will provide outstanding service from preconstruction to cost scheduling.

Hiru homes constantly endeavoured to add more value to lives of our client’s thorough unparallel quality and integrity, whether it is building residential or commercial complexes. We as a unmatched construction company have understood the importance of the role of the construction when building your dream home or building in commercial complexes. Therefore Hiru Homes blend high standard quality construction with solid foundations, bringing alive for our clients and end-customers and intuitive and invigorating experience that are distinct and unique.


Our Vision

To be the best housing Construction Company in Sri Lanka while providing outstanding quality in construction.

Our Mission

To use cutting edge technology to achieve the highest quality in construction. Furthermore our focus is to finish the project within budget and within the given time period while achieving the customer satisfaction

Why choose us?

Excellent Service

  • Construction and renovation can be a tedious task when consider the issues of workman, contractors goes missing, questionable quality of materials etc however we guarantee with our service none of the client will face such a burden of construction.

Cost Effective Solution

  • We always focus on the cost effective solution for our clients. We do understand that the construction project will hit the clients pocket very badly therefore we will analyses the situation and decide on the cost effective solutions at all time

Focus on Quality

  • Quality aspect is very vital for any construction project; investment for construction is not ending in one generation it will go for few generations therefore durability is very important for that we give the solution of using quality material. Even though Hiru homes focused on cost effective solution we always look for best quality at lowest price. That is why our service is unmatched with our competitors

On time Delivery

  • One of our major priorities are on time delivery of the project. This will help to save both the time and money of our clients

Experienced Staff and Workmanship

  • All of our workers and staff are well experienced. They have both technical and practical knowledge. They are the one who deliver your project as per your requirement